Welcome to Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Carson City!

Carson City TumbleweedsWe are looking forward to bringing a safe, positive, fun, and exciting experience to all of the children in our community.

Our mission is to develop fitness, coordination and self-esteem in children by providing successful experiences in a fun, challenging and noncompetitive environment.

We care about kids and it shows!  From the moment you walk in the door you will feel the positive energy, hear the laughter and cheers of accomplishment, and feel the friendly and nurturing culture we work hard every day to create for our members.  

Internationally recognized as a leader in educational gymnastics, our unique Curriculum Poster Reward System sets short term, and long range, achievable goals for children, helps raise their self-esteem, confidence and makes learning gymnastics safer and more successful in hundreds of gymnastics clubs since 1991.  Our online "Smart Moves" teaching system, launched in 2013, is now the state of the art in staff training & lesson planning for gymnastics professionals across the globe.  But, while we are known in the gymnastics world for training teachers, our true passion is working with kids and this is our home.